1. file format (input)

Please select first which file format should be read in. The files selected in step 2 (Upload) must correspond to this format.

2. Upload

You can upload up to 100 files with a total size of up to 50 MB. If you want to convert a larger amount (number/total file size), please use a locally installed CorpusExplorer instance (see 'Convert corpora' / 'Korpora konvertieren') - Download, installation and use of CorpusExplorer are free of charge.

3. file format (Output)

Please specify to which file format the file(s) should be converted.

4. Execute

Before you click on "Execute", please check your entries once again. Also, please make sure that all files selected under 2. (Upload) are marked with a green dot - this indicates a successful upload. Click on the " Execute" button and wait for the conversion to complete. Depending on the size, this may take some time.